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Build a Better Financial Future

I Help First Gen Wealth Creators Build & Maintain Wealth 

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Virtual Financial Planning

We’re big fans of efficiency and simplicity, which is why we encourage remote meetings using the latest communications technology. That means you don’t need to leave work early, hire a babysitter, fight traffic or search for parking simply to meet. Instead, we can talk on the phone or over video chat and when our meeting is over, you’re already home!


Discover a Smarter Way for First Gen Wealth Creators  to Plan For Tomorrow!


Luis F. Rosa, CFP® EA Photo

Luis F. Rosa, CFP® EA

Certified Financial Planner™

I came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic when I was 11 years old. As an immigrant, I had to learn two languages: English, and money. I did not learn personal finance concepts at home or in school, so I can relate to professionals who are advancing in their careers as they plan for their futures, yet feel a certain inadequacy around money.  

Seeing my parents' journey to create a better life for us inspired me to do better, not only for myself, but for others looking to build a better financial future for themselves. I personally observed how much harder it can be for women. My mother had to do very physical jobs her whole life, while also raising 6 kids (me, my brother, and four sisters) and taking care of elderly parents. She also outlived my dad, which further compounded the need for her financial security. 

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your goals and aspirations.

Some of the biggest money mistakes I made when I was younger:

  • I failed to pay myself first. I tried to save what was left after spending, instead of spending what was left after saving.
  • I over borrowed on my student loans in college for “living expenses” which really was translation for Spring Break in Cancun!
  • I got credit cards in my freshman year of college before I even got a job! (To be fair, they did include the credit card applications inside the books at the bookstore, I could not resist!)

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in order to help other First Gen wealth creators like myself pursue their goals. I do my best to keep it simple, so no fancy jargon or investment terms. It’s all about your vision of success and how I can help you on your way to building a better financial future. In 2020 I launched Build a Better Financial Future, LLC to focus on helping my clients with financial planning, investment management, tax preparation and planning. 

I’m also very active in the profession and do a lot of work to help young and diverse planners enter and succeed in the industry. I’m a co-founder of the BLX Internship Program, an internship program designed for aspiring Black and LatinX financial planners. Additionally, I am one of the few Spanish-speaking CFP® professionals in the country and aim to help those seeking true guidance. I previously served as a CFP Board Ambassador and currently serve as a board member on the CHIP Professionals Advisory Board.  I previously served on the Business Insider Tax Review Board, and as  contributor for U.S. News.

I currently live in Las Vegas, NV with my wife, Alison. I lived in New York for the majority of my adult life, and currently travel back there during the year to visit family and existing clients. When not helping a client, sharing financial insights on the On My Way To Wealth Podcast, volunteering, or hosting an event, you can find me eating at one of my favorite Vegan restaurants or visiting a beach or walking trail in the Los Angeles area or Las Vegas.

Honored to be named one of Investopedia's 100 Top Financial Advisors in 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023

Proud to be part of the InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 Class of 2019!

Listen to Luis' Story on the Human Advisor Podcast!

Lacey Roman Photo

Lacey Roman

Administrative Assistant

Lacey joined the Build a Better Financial Future Team in August 2022 as an Administrative Assistant. She brings 10+ years of experience to the table in administration and loves to work with our wonderful clients. 

She is excited about working in financial services and watching individuals and families reach their financial goals. 

Some of Lacey’s money lessons and focus:

  • Student loans - I wish I would have saved more to put toward college. When I was younger, I didn’t know what was important to save for. Saving for vacations and nights out was at the top of my list and college was at the bottom. If I would have prioritized saving for college, I would not have needed to take as much in student loans. 
  • Military family considerations - Although the military does reimburse families for a portion of moving expenses, moving every 2-3 years can be costly and the reimbursement doesn’t always cover the total moving cost. Uprooting your life every few years can be difficult to navigate, but if you are financially prepared it takes a little bit of that stress off.  

Lacey was born and raised in the beautiful Washington D.C area. She currently lives in Texas with her husband and 3 children. Her office mate is Dave (a Catahoula canine rescue). She is an avid sports enthusiast, especially NBA basketball, and enjoys Pilates (teaching and practicing) with a deep love of travel and adventure. Her favorite trip so far was hiking the Santorini caldera, a stratovolcano, and swimming in the springs beneath it in Santorini, Greece.

Welcome First Generation Wealth Creators!

You're now making "good money", but you're not sure that you're making the right decisions in order to achieve your goals. As a First Gen wealth creator, you did not learn a whole lot about personal finances at home or at school, and perhaps are the first in your family to make as much money as you are making today.

Our goal is to connect with busy individuals who may not have all the time, knowledge, and energy to address their financial needs on their own. In order to help you achieve your goals, we’re looking to develop a mutual partnership for years to come.

From financial planning to investment management and tax planning, we’ll work with you to address the details of your finances and how they work in concert with your personal life.

Schedule Your Complimentary Intro Call!

*Prices will vary based on individual vs. couple as well as complexity

**Yearly fees can be paid as financial planning fees (monthly/quarterly), as a percentage of assets under management, or a combination of both. Once a certain level of assets under management is achieved, ongoing financial planning services are offered at no additional cost.

Our Clients Tend to Consist of:


With $250,000+ in Income and/or $250,000+ in Investable Assets

As a busy individual, it’s difficult to keep your accounts and overall plan organized. We understand how dynamic your life is - from buying a home to switching jobs, there are a number of milestones that you need guidance in navigating. Together, we’ll work to address investment management, taxes and critical decision-making as you experience life’s most important moments. We often help our clients with the following and more:

  • Saving for a down payment on your first home
  • Starting a college savings plan for your kids
  • Understanding employer benefits, including 401(k), stock options, and other benefits
  • Choosing the best life insurance for your circumstances
  • Minimizing income taxes & preparing and filing your tax returns
  • Managing your investment portfolio and consolidating scattered accounts
  • Helping you make strategic financial decisions throughout the year

Additionally, we work well with clients whose parents are more comfortable speaking Spanish. As one of the very few Spanish-speaking CFP® professionals, we work well with those seeking a personal relationship that they can receive sound advice from.


With $750,000+ in Investable Assets

As you prepare for or continue to enjoy retirement, it’s important to understand how to best invest your assets and minimize taxes. The ultimate goal is to make sure you don’t run out of money in retirement which is why we will also address your income options during this chapter. We’ll work to provide confidence and peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions related to your post-work life. We often help our clients with the following and more:

  • Managing your investment portfolio and protecting your nest egg while maintaining your desired lifestyle
  • Minimizing income taxes & preparing and filing your tax returns
  • Planning regarding paying for part of your grandchildrens' college expenses
  • Guidance regarding selling your home and/or moving to another state
  • Serving as a sounding board for overall financial decisions

Does this sound like you? 

Schedule Your Complimentary Intro Call!

"If It’s Just in Your Head It’s a Dream.
If It’s Written and It's Measurable, It’s a Goal!"

Financial Planning, Investment Management & Taxes

All in One Place!

Schedule Your Complimentary Intro Call!

*Prices will vary based on individual vs. couple as well as complexity

**Yearly fees can be paid as financial planning fees (monthly/quarterly), as a percentage of assets under management, or a combination of both. Once a certain level of assets under management is achieved, ongoing financial planning services are offered at no additional cost.

At Build a Better Financial Future, LLC, we’re hyper-focused on building relationships with our clients. To that end, we believe in taking a holistic look at your finances and the goals you have in mind.

Our preferred approach is to take into consideration your financial, investment, and tax needs as they often rely on one another to succeed. This allows us to answer your questions no matter how or when they arise, as we will be well versed in your entire financial picture.

Financial Planning

By starting with financial planning, we’ll take a detailed look at your current finances and further build a foundation using your unique goals. With this focus, we hope to empower you to enjoy living in the moment while preparing for what’s ahead.

Investment Management

Our investment solutions are designed to facilitate wealth management. We believe in developing a truly tailored portfolio that helps you accomplish both your personal and financial goals.

Tax Planning & Preparation

When it comes to taxes, we strive to help you minimize hurdles that may stand in the way of you reaching your goals. Together, we’ll work to review your taxes and share our thoughts on how to more efficiently maintain your wealth.

Discover the Benefits of Working Together


You won’t find fancy financial jargon or complicated plans. Instead, you can expect financial planning in simple terms, so you are confident in the information shared and what it means for you.


Clarity surrounding your money with clear, actionable steps and information.

Ongoing Planning

Life will happen and we will be there to provide ongoing support as milestones and changes occur.

No Pushy Sales

We don’t get paid based on products we sell you or trades we recommend. As a fee-only advisor, our compensation is based on the service and support using an easy-to-understand and transparent fee schedule.


We are legally bound to always uphold your interests and needs first and above our own. You don’t have to be concerned of ulterior motives and can feel safe that our recommendations are to your benefit.

No Investment Minimums

Unlike “traditional” financial planners, we don’t require a large sum of money to invest in order for us to work together.

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